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Eurys Series 800 nm Broadband Faraday Rotators & Optical Isolators - Small Aperture (5 mm) Data Sheet

Eurys Series
800 nm Broadband Faraday Rotators and Optical Isolators for Ti:Sapphire Lasers - Small Aperture (5 mm)


EOT’s Eurys Series 800 nm Broadband Faraday Rotators rotate the plane of polarized light 90° at 800 nm in the forward direction and 0° from 720-950 nm in the reverse direction while maintaining the light’s linear polarization.  When placed between crossed polarizers, a Broadband Faraday Rotator becomes a Broadband Optical Isolator.  Eurys Series broadband optical isolators provide high transmission in the forward direction and strongly attenuates back-reflected light between 720-950 nm in the reverse direction protecting Ti:Sapphire oscillators from the deleterious effects of back reflections and also eliminating preferential lasing at the lower gain wavelengths of Ti:Sapphire lasers.  Utilizing optics with low refractive indices and short optical pathlengths minimizes pulse broadening due to dispersion in the optics associated with ultra-short laser pulses.


· Eliminate ASE from high-gain amplifiers that can cause parasitic or relaxation oscillations

· Prevent preferential lasing at low-gain wavelengths by providing broadband isolation


· 2º incident angle on polarizers for reduced return losses

· Orthogonal isolated beams

· Precision pointing of isolated beams

· Precision mounting options

· Lockable port covers


Center Wavelength
800 nm
800 nm
Spectral Range
720-950 nm
720-950 nm
Polarizer Type
SF1 Glass
Transmission at 22 °Cc
Isolation at 22 °C
Damage Threshold
>3.5 J/cm2at 10 ns
>1 J/cm2 at 8 ps
>3.5 J/cmat 10 ns
>1 J/cm2 at 8 ps

aProduct specifications are subject to change.
Escape ports should be used if rejected light is >1 W or 0.15 J/cmat 10ns or forward light is >25 W. All stray beams should be properly terminated.
Note: All products are RoHS compliant.
Dispersion: Some pulse broadening does occur when using EOT's Broadband Isolators. The Sellmeiers Equation for TGG used in the broadband isolators is: