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EOT is proud to announce its recent acquisition of FEE GmbH

Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. (“EOT”) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Forschungsinstitut für mineralische und metallische Werkstoffe -Edelsteine/Edelmetalle - GmbH (“FEE”), a leading supplier of specialized laser crystals located in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The new subsidiary will be known as FEE GmbH – A Division of EOT.

Founded in 1987, EOT is an industry-leading manufacturer of optical components and diagnostic equipment for high power laser systems.  FEE is a leading supplier optical crystals used by leading manufacturers of advanced laser systems worldwide.

FEE’s expertise in producing laser crystal mediums will enhance EOT’s ability to deliver high-quality laser components to manufacturers and users of high power laser systems enabling its customers’ to quickly address the many new applications driving the laser industry.  This acquisition will provide EOT and FEE with complementary technology and products that will enhance both companies’ core business as well as support future growth.

EOT is committed to supporting the ongoing crystal development programs at FEE  and enabling FEE to continue and expand its current development efforts.  Furthermore, EOT intends to make the necessary investments in the staff, facilities and equipment at FEE as required to address long-term growth and stability at FEE.

EOT’s CEO, David Scerbak, commented, “On behalf of all EOT employees, we welcome the employees of FEE into our company and are honored to help advance the long heritage of crystal excellence in Idar-Oberstein.  We look forward to supporting FEE’s customers with our global Sales & Marketing presence and we are excited to access FEE’s enabling crystals.  This will allow us to replicate our success with our current products into entirely new and broader offerings of optical components and technologies to our customers.”