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Crystal Growth

Electro-Optics Technology's acquisition of EOT GmbH (Germany) in 2018 has added crystal growth and fabrication to our extensive list of capabilities. EOT GmbH's high quality standard in manufacturing laser and nonlinear crystals are the result of intensive research and development activities to improve crystal growth processes and develop new materials.

EOT GmbH offers custom manufacturing of laser rods, slabs, disks, and YAG optics for low volume development efforts or high volume production needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Czochralski Oxide growth and Top-seeded Solution Growth
  • Flat interface Czochralski Oxide growth
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Optical Contacting and Diffusion Bonding
  • High-precision fabricaiton and polishing of laser rods, slabs, and disks
  • Advance Optical Metrology including:
    • Interferometer
    • Refractometer
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Polarization Microscope
    • X-ray Diffractometer
  • Mechanical Probing of Surface Roughness and Cylindricity
  • Profile Projector
  • Extinction Ratio

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