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 >12.5 GHz 2 µm InGaAs Photodetectors Data Sheet

>12.5 GHz 2 µm InGaAs Photodetectors

EOT’s >12.5 GHz 2 µm InGaAs Photodetectors contain PIN photodiodes that utilize the photovoltaic effect to convert optical power into an electrical current.  When terminated into 50 Ω into an oscilloscope, the pulsewidth of a laser can be measured.  When terminated into 50 Ω into a spectrum analyzer, the frequency response of a laser can be measured.  EOT’s >12.5 GHz 2 µm InGaAs Photodetectors come with their own internal bias supply consisting of long-life lithium cells.  Plugging a coaxial cable into the photodetector’s SMA output connector and terminating into 50 Ω at the oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer is all that is required for operation.


· Monitoring the output of Q-switched lasers

· Monitoring the output of mode-locked lasers

· Monitoring the output of externally modulated CW lasers

· Time domain and frequency response measurements


· >12.5 GHz 2 µm InGaAs Photodetectors can be ordered with optional wall plug-in power supply


Part No. (Model)
( ET-5000F)
Rise Time
28 ps
28 ps
1.3 A/W at 2000 nm
0.95 A/W at 2000 nm
Power Supply
6 V
6 V
>12.5 GHz
>12.5 GHz
Active Area Diameter 
40 µm
40 µm
Dark Current 
Acceptance Angle (1/2 angle)
Noise Equivalent Powerd
15 pW/√Hz at 2000 nm
20 pW/√Hz at 2000 nm
Maximum Linear Rating CW
3 mA
3 mA
Mounting (Tapped Holes)
8-32 or M4
8-32 or M4
Output Connector
Fiber Optic Connectore

a Product specifications are subject to change.
b All specifications apply for a 50 Ω termination unless otherwise noted.
Photodetectors have an internal 50 Ω termination. Responsivity data applicable to diode only. Detector output should be based on 1/2 the responsivity of that shown on graph.
Noise Equivalent Power (NEP) is determined via open circuit output.
Multi-mode fiber available. May limit bandwidth.
Note: All products are RoHS compliant.