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1.5 - 5 µm PbSe Large Area Power Detectors Data Sheet

1.5-5 μm PbSe Large Area Power Detectors

The 1.5-5 μm PbSe Large Area Power Detector can be used to measure power from 1.5 µm to 5.0 µm, has a selectable gain of either 2X or 100X, and an active area of 5 mm x 5 mm making alignment easy.  Based on a photoconductor, this detector responds more quickly and reaches a stable state more quickly than a thermopile detector.


· Power detection of QCLs

· Power detection of DFBs


· 2x and 100x gain select

· PbSe photoconductor responds more quickly and reaches a stable state more quickly than a thermopile detector


Part No. (Model)
120-10127-0001d (ET-6000)
Detector Type
Rise Time
32 μs
25 μs
Responsivity (High Impedance)
6400 V/W at 3.5 μm
3.2x105 V/W at 3.5 μm
Responsivity (50 Ω Impedance)
3200 V/W at 3.5 μm
1.6x105 V/W at 3.5 μm
Power Supply
24 VDC
24 VDC
0.02 kHz-15 kHz
0.02 kHz-10 kHz
Active Area
5 mm x 5 mm
5 mm x 5 mm
Detectivity (λp, 1000, 1)
1.5 x 10cm-√Hz/W
1.5 x 10cm-√Hz/W
Maximum Output
±11 V
±11 V
Maximum Input Power
0.6 mW/mm2
0.6 mW/mm2
Operating Temperature 
10-40 °C
10-40 °C
Acceptance Angle (1/2 angle)
Noise Equivalent Power 
400 pW/√Hz at 2000 nm
450 pW/√Hz at 2000 nm
Mounting (Tapped Holes)
8-32 or M4
8-32 or M4
Output Connector

a Product specifications are subject to change.
b All specifications apply for a 1,000 Hz chopping frequency.
c An optical chopper and lock-in amplifier are recommended for proper operation.
Note: All products are RoHS compliant.