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Products with >50 W Average Power

When passing >50 W of average power through a Faraday rotator, several effects related to residual absorption in the TGG rotator crystal can occur, degrading the performance of a Faraday rotator. Such effects can include thermal lensing, birefringence, depolarization, or heating of the rotator which results in a change in the amount of Faraday rotation provided. Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing Faraday rotators for high average power applications. EOT has shipped Faraday rotators having up to 33 mm x 7 mm apertures for average powers of up 1 KW. Many scientists and engineers working with very high average power lasers commonly work with beam shapes that are rectangular with a high aspect ratio. Such a beam shape can often benefit their laser design through efficient heat removal across the narrow dimension of their beam. EOT has the know-how and experience to make magnet structures with rectangular apertures to derive full benefit from such beam shapes at average power levels up to, and beyond, 1 KW. 

To receive a quote or additional information on EOT’s high average power capabilities, please contact EOT directly for pricing and availability by clicking HERE.

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