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TORNOS Broadband Optical Isolators - 520 nm to 885 nm



EOT's TORNOS Broadband optical isolators are designed for use across a broad spectral range where optical feedback can adversely affect laser performance. The TORNOS Broadband provides passive broadband isolation across the entire spectral range of the isolator. 

The three models of the TORNOS Broadband cover from 520 nm to 885 nm. The Broadband features ports for access to the rejected beam and a standard mounting clamp making this product ideal for laboratory and R&D use. The broadband technology is optimized for isolation and allows for completely passive use across any wavelength in the spectral range of the device. This product maintains industry-leading transmission at the center wavelength. 

Some common applications for the TORNOS Broadband are Ti:Sapphire laser systems, R&D and laboratory use where multiple wavelengths are of interest, and OEM systems that use the rejected beam such as regenerative amplfiiers. 


  • Passive broadband performance
  • All isolators contain rejected beam escape ports
  • Mounting clamp
  • 90° to 0° polarization


  • Optional waveplate for manipulation of polarization
  • Customization available


  • R&D and Laboratory use
  • Ti:Sapphire Lasers
  • Regenerative Amplifiers
  • Multiple wavelength interrogation
Clear Aperture
Center Wavelength
Spectral Range Isolationa Transmissionb
4 mm 532 nm 520 nm to 595 nm >32 dB ≥90%
4 mm 650 nm 595 nm to 730 nm >32 dB ≥87%
4 mm 785 nm 730 nm to 885 nm >32 dB ≥92%

Product specifications are subject to change. All products are RoHS compliant.
a Across spectral range at 22 °C
b At center wavelength at 22 °C





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