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Yb:CALGO - Ytterbium-doped Calcium Aluminum Gadolinium Oxide

Electro-Optics Technology GmbH has been growing Yb:CALGO for over 10 years. During this time, material properties and qualities have improved to make it one of the best solutions on the market. You will find our material to have lower absorption and higher transmission than are commonly found on the market. EOT GmbH specializes in controlling the dopant level to optimize your pumping requirements. Our high quality Yb:CALGO is a highly effective laser medium for high power ultrafast lasers. It is widely used in laser processing applications.

With over 20 years of polishing and fabrication experiece, EOT GmbH has become a world leader in providing 2D and 3D crystal designs. We also offer low absorbing, high damage threshold optical coatings. 


Host Crystal
Structure Tetragonal, I4/mmm
Lattice Parameters
a = 3.66 A
c = 12.01 A
Thermal Expansion Coefficient α= 10.1 · 10-6 K-1
α= 16.2 · 10-6 K-1
Thermal Conductivity (2% Yb)
Wa = 6.9 Wm-1 K-1
Wc = 6.3 Wm-1 K-1
Melting Point
Approximately 1750 °C
Density 5.94 g/cm³
Refractive Indices at 1043 nm na = 1.916
nc = 1.94


Dopant Concentrations for Yb Up to 10%; 1% corresponds to 1.25 x 1020/cm3
Absorption Cross Section at 979 nm 4.42 · 10-20 cm2 (for polarization along c-axis)
1.65 · 10-20 cm2 (for polarization along a-axis)
Absorption Bandwidth 4 nm
Fluorescence Lifetime 0.44 ms (for<5 at% Yb)
Emission Cross Section (990 nm to 1040 nm) 0.8 · 10-20 cm2 (for polarization along a-axis)
Emission Bandwidth 60 nm


Aperture On request (up to 20 mm²)
Length 0.1 mm to 40 mm
AR Coatings Available upon request

Yb:CALGO Data Sheet



  • Shorter laser pulses due to broad emission spectrum
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • High gain
  • Large tuning range


  • Slabs, disks, and rods available
  • a- ad c-cut parts available
  • Custom coatings available


  • Ultrafast Picosecond Lasers
  • Amplifiers
  • Industrial Micromachining
  • Medical

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