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Fiber-to-Fiber Broadband Isolators - 30 W - Polarization Maintaining

EOT's 40 W Fiber-to-Fiber isolators are compact in size, light in weight, and employ EOT's proprietary Fiber Fuse End Cap Technology assuring high levels of reliability and resistance to damage. They also have a wide spectral range providing good isolation over the complete Yb+3 gain bandwidth. Because the input and output of these isolators are on the same end, they consume less space in a laser system. They can be easily placed in corners or other locations within a laser system where isolators having fiber on the input and output would not be practical. These isolators are ideally suited for separating amplifier stages in MOPA fiber lasers. They are designed for both CW and pulsed fiber lasers. Additionally, these isolators are available with ASE filters.




  • Broadband isolation
  • Window for rejected beams
  • Same Face Fiber Input/Output
  • Small size, lightweight (28 g)


  • Pulsed or Continuous operation
  No ASE With ASE  
  Min. Typical Max. Min. Typical Max. Comments
Center Design
Wavelengths &
Bandwidths of
1055 nm ± 25 nm Other center wavelengths
available upon request
15 °C
25 °C 35 °C 15 °C 25 °C 35 °C  
Insertion Loss at
Center Design
-0.8 dB -1.0 dB   -0.8 dB -1.0 dB  
Isolation at Design
Wavelength &
-27 dB     -27 dB      
Isolation at 25 °C
-26 dB
    -26 dB      
Return Loss
(forward or reverse)
-50 dB     -50 dB    
Fiber In

Single Mode

10/125, 10/130,
or user-specified
Fiber Out Single Mode 10/125, 10/130,
or user-specified
Forward Power     30 W     30 W  
Reverse Power     4 W     4 W  
Pulse Energy     1 mJ     1 mJ  
Peak Power     10 kW     10 kW For pulsewidths
≥ 1 nsec.

Product specifications are subject to change. All products are RoHS compliant.

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