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Pavos Series 1045 nm - 1080 nm High Power Faraday Rotators - Large Aperture (>5 mm)

EOT’s Pavos Series Faraday Rotators rotate the plane of polarized light 45° in the forward direction and an additional 45° of non-reciprocal rotation in the reverse direction while maintaining the light’s linear polarization. 

*If in Japan, please contact EOT directly for pricing and availability.

1045-1080nm Rotator
Transmission at 22°C
Rotation at Specified Wavelength
45° ± 2°
Damage Threshold
10J/cm2 at 10ns
1J/cm2 at 8ps
1MW/cm2 CW


  • All products are RoHS compliant.
  • Product specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Operating Temperature: Performance of EOT’s Faraday Rotators is related to operating temperature. For more information, please contact EOT.
  • For incident powers ≥50W, you may contact EOT’s sales department at sales@eotech.com or view our Custom Products page on this website.
  • For mounting options, please reference the 1045-1080nm Faraday Rotators User Guide.

Pavos Series 1045-1080nm Faraday Rotators - Large Aperture (>5mm) Data Sheet

Pavos Series 1045-1080nm Faraday Rotators - Large Aperture (>5mm) User Guide

Faraday Rotators & Optical Isolators Technical Notes



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