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<10 GHz Photodetectors

<10 GHz Photodetectors



EOT's <10 GHz Photodetectors contain PIN photodiodes that utilize the photovoltaic effect to convert optical power into an electrical current. 

When terminated into 50 Ω into an oscilloscope, the pulsewidth of a laser can be measured. When terminated into 50 Ω into a spectrum analyzer, the frequency response of a laser can be measured. 

EOT's <10 GHz Photodetectors come with their own internal bias supply consisting of long-life lithium cells. Plugging a coaxial cable into the photodetector's BNC output connector and terminating into 50 Ω at the oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer is all that is required for operation.

<10 GHz Photodetectors Data Sheet


  • Small footprint
  • Internal voltage bias
  • DC to 2 GHz


  • External wall plug-in power supply available
  • Fiber-coupled or free space options available
  • Detector material


  • Monitoring the output of Q-switched lasers
  • Monitoring the output of mode-locked lasers