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Custom Products

Custom Products

Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) has years of experience designing and manufacturing Faraday rotators and optical isolators for demanding applications not addressed by our standard product offerings. Below is a listing of some of EOT's experience with custom devices. 


  • Large Aperture Faraday Rotators up to 100mm: EOT has much experience in the design and manufacture of Faraday Rotators having apertures >45mm for use in multi-amplified Nd:Glass laser systems. EOT is a prime contractor on the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory providing Faraday rotators with 42 x 42mm aperture having a radial uniformity of 45° ± 2° over the clear aperture. 
  • Faraday Rotators for 50W to 1KW: EOT has provided numerous Faraday rotators for use with high average powers. EOT has shipped Faraday rotators for up to 900W in some cases, and Faraday rotators with high aspect ratios with apertures up to 20 x 140mm. 
  • Non-standard Wavelengths: EOT has shipped Faraday rotators at 405nm, 1310nm, and other non-standard wavelengths. 
  • Vacuum-compatible or Space-qualified Faraday Rotators and Optical Isolators: EOT has shipped numerous Faraday devices for use in high vacuum environments and has clean room assembly capability for such applications. EOT has also shipped Faraday rotators and optical isolators for airborne laser systems that have met rigorous environmental testing specifications for shock and vibration. 
  • Other applications? Just ask us! Email us at sales@eotech.com.